Steam Client Updated: Ubuntu 14.04 support added, VR mode gets even better!

Valve just pushed another update for Steam, their digital distribution platform. The update contains a variety of bug fixes. In addition to that, this update now makes Steam for Linux officially compatible with the new distribution of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 14.04, which was a pretty fast move on the part of Valve. Apart from those, this update also improves and readies Steam to be fully compatible with Steam’s Virtual Reality. Instead of having to start it by the –vr command line option, the VR support is now integrated into Steam and it is capable of turning it on and off based on the hardware presence.

To start off, the biggest news for Linux users is that this update adds the official support for Ubuntu 14.04, which is quite impressive since the latest OS just got released. In addition to updating the runtimes for Ubuntu compatibility, the update also fixes a game crashing bug on Linux. The crash occurs when more than ten processes gets attached to the Steam overlay. This no longer occurs after updating. In addition, the Big Picture mode in Steam for Linux now supports setting of voice input devices from within the Big Picture mode.

Speaking of Big Picture, it too has received some fixes in the update. The mode is now more localized, with the ability to display the correct localized EULA if the language is changed. In addition, the percentage display for queued items has been fixed to display the percentage correctly. The UI for pre-loading the games have also received a facelift. Lastly, the login screen now has login help support for forgotten usernames and passwords.

And finally we have the VR segment. This segment is the one that has received the most upgrades perhaps. The view mode now shows “Virtual Reality mode” if SteamVR is installed and a compatible headset is found. Steam can also detect a VR headset if plugged in when Steam is running and goes into the appropriate VR view instead of Big Picture Mode. The switching between the various modes has also been improved. The new update will be downloaded automatically when Steam is next started.

For a detailed view of the changes, check below:

Linux + SteamOS

  • Updated the steam-runtime for Ubuntu 14.04 compatibility
  • Fixed potential hang when using certain UI toolkits that relied on SIGCHLD
  • Fixed a game crash occurring when more than ten processes were attached to the Steam overlay, fixing “CID The Dummy” on Linux
  • Added support for setting voice input device in Big Picture

Big Picture

  • Load correct localized eula if the language changes in the Choose Language panel
  • Fix progress % displayed for items that are queued for download
  • Fixed a bug in Web browser where big pages would be erroneously clamped
  • Fixed UI for pre-loading games
  • Added login help support for forgotten password and account name

Virtual Reality Mode

  • Added “Virtual Reality mode” to the View menu and removed the –vr command line option. This will only appear if SteamVR is installed and if a supported HMD is detected
  • Added support for switching from desktop mode to VR, then back to desktop and into Big Picture
  • Added support for detecting when an HMD has been plugged in after Steam has started
  • When running in VR mode Steam will now open only the VR window and not the normal Big Picture window
  • Moved VR mode log files under the Steam client install directory

For additional details on bug fixes on other platforms, check out the official Steam Update news site.

Source: Steam News

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