Google Web Designer made available for Linux

On Tuesday it was announced that Google Web Designer, a program devoted to creating interactive HTML5 components, is now available in beta for four major Linux distributions. The distributions now supported are Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, and Fedora. The program had originally been available for only Mac 10.7.x or above and Windows 7 and above. This moves the program, which is primarily for making HTML5-based animations for ads, solidly into the territory of the Linux users in web design, presumably a field which has a higher percentage of Linux users than the general population.

The program is capable of creating full-featured HTML5 sites, but also allows users to directly export to an ad network like Google’s own DoubleClick or AdMob networks. It features both a code view and design view, and is capable of creating detailed animations that don’t require a special player to use, just a browser. Clearly, Google wants to make it easier for high-quality ads to reach its networks, which makes up roughly half of the Internet advertising market, and this product reaches out to help their publishing clients do that.

The user isn’t restricted to that though, they are free to take the code created with Google Web Designer and create full HTML sites on their own, a valuable side effect that might make the program a good addition to any web designer’s toolbox, especially when it comes to creating animations, which GWD excels at doing.

For more information, visit the download page or read the announcement for yourself:

Sources: Google Web Designer (Twitter), Google Web Designer Beta (Google Group)

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