XCOM: Enemy Unknown to hit the Play Store pretty soon

For those people who were wondering what to get for their spanking new Android handheld gaming devices, here’s some reason that will point you to a place where you can drop your cash on something really good. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the highly renowned turn based strategy game from Firaxis is confirmed to hit the Play Store!

The XCOM series is widely known as one of the best gaming series out there with multiple sequels spawning to make up the series. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the latest in the series to carry forward its name. True to the fame of the series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a masterpiece of a game that has spawned a console version too after being launched to critical acclaim on the PC. The game already has an iOS version for last year and the Android version has been a long time coming.

Although, Firaxis never officially announced that such a port was in the works, even going to the lengths of specifically refusing to comment on such claims in the past. Perhaps they wanted it to be a surprise, but whatever it was; this is probably one of the greatest gaming titles that have managed to land on Android in recent memory and probably the greatest gaming news for Android this April. The game is supposed to be priced at a price point of $9.99 which is acceptable, seeing as most of the better games are priced at that price bracket. The game was previously said to be releasing today, April 24th, but as the Firaxis indicated in an update, the date was in error. Though a definite date hasn’t been announced, a miss can’t be by months, especially so when the update was made just before the day of the launch. So in all probability, the game might hit the Play Store, sometime around the end of this month or perhaps the start of the next. Whenever it is, we will make sure to cover it and let you know as soon as we do.

Source: Pocket Gaming Region

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