Watch Dogs heading to Linux?

A recent post in the Linux gaming section of Reddit seems to have uncovered a hint towards a possible Linux release of the highly anticipated game from Ubisoft: Watch Dogs. According to the post on the Reddit boards, the SteamDB entry for the game shows a value assigned to Linux Icon which might point to a possible Linux version in the future.

The full post reads, “Flicking through SteamDB, under additional information you can find the Watch_Dog app sub includes a Linux client icon section including archived icon added 13 days ago. Couldn’t open the zip but changing extension to jpg reveals a single tiny icon so far, similar to those found along with other sizes in other Linux games.”

A typical error by devs adding games to steam is to have the oslist flag for Linux as a mistake (which will list the game as compatible with Linux) and simply remove the flag after a few days. In contrast, oslist is not flagged as Linux but instead has the inclusion of the Linux client icon archive, leading me to believe it may be something that will be announced later and released after the Windows release.

I was wondering if you guys follow SteamDB to understand enough of what the likelihood is?

I would still take it as a rumour for now, but it is looking very possible. If this is the case, it would be the first Ubisoft steam title to take on Linux.

In case it disappears: Here is the Linux client icon section, and the history.”

Although the news seems to be just a rumour, the arguments put forward by the poster cannot be easily swatted aside. Also entries in SteamDB in the past have ended up being true proof that a game is going to land on Linux.

Source: Reddit

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5 thoughts on “Watch Dogs heading to Linux?

  1. probably they meant OSX icon instead since its already supported on mac osx NVIDIA Gameworks technology since AMD get no loved on that platform anyway either on linux as well…so it might be possible on linux platform but on ubisoft never made any games on linux

    but don’t expect to run flawless on AMD r9 or any midrange NVIDIA 650ti or 750ti to run OpenGL ported game from this game…i do have bad experience on osx gaming sluggish performance on those videocards since that os is well known to have huge gaming library than linux due to using high end gpu’s like 680gtx or 770gtx or maybe sli 780ti

    1. Watchdogs uses Unreal Engine 4, which wholly supports Linux. I don’t think Watchdogs uses a custom version of the Engine, as it was one of the games meant to show off what the engine is capable of. If they stuck to Epic Games’ standards, Linux support is as easy as telling Unreal Engine to repackage the project for Linux (It handles generating code and shaders for whatever graphics api on whatever OS). Same goes for Mac OS X. And honestly, I’d love to see the benchmarks because the Elemental demo ran at a higher fps on my GTX 770 under Linux than Windows (I mean its not exceptionally faster – got 5 fps more).

      The more exciting thing though is that Linux seems to handle higher load tasks more efficiently than Windows. Man, Kerbal Space Program runs so much better (its a CPU bound game, as Unity3D is single threaded) under Linux over my Windows 8.1 install. The OS X performance in it is atrocious though.

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