Ubuntu takes the next step towards convergence in 14.10

Canonical has been hinting on full device convergence by 14.10 or 15.04 releases for a while. The latest update from the Ubuntu desktop developer mailing list by Canonical’s Robert Ancell adds more clarity to the roadmap. Now that 14.04 release is a few days away, it seems Canonical is determined to reinstate its focus on Convergence.

The current focus areas identified for the desktop are:

1. Deprecate gnome-session and use upstart/systemd as the root process
2. Deprecate gnome-screensaver (following upstream) and unify screensaver management into the shell.
3. Deprecate policykit-gnome and use the shell for PolicyKit handling in both Unity 7 and Unity 8.
4. Deprecate unity-settings-daemon by decoupling the plugins and migrating to new services.
5. Add more desktop capabilities in Ubuntu System Settings to replace unity-control-center.
6. Enhance the core apps to replace current defaults e.g. calculator, file manager etc.

And this is only the beginning of the post 14.04 LTS work discussion. As it should be evident by now, many areas those are tightly coupled with Gnome are going to be unified with Unity soon for the true Convergence that Canonical strives to achieve. With the third Ubuntu App Showdown in progress this will only become more interesting from here as we will see more and more applications working seamlessly with Unity.

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