KDE Software Compilation 4.13 with improved Semantic Search released

The KDE community has announced the release of KDE Software Compilation 4.13 with improved Semantic Search technology among other features and fixes. Many applications will benefit from the latest improvements done in Semantic Search. The release is translated into 53 languages, with more language translations expected as part of monthly bugfix releases.

Semantic Search gets the most noteworthy enhancements in 4.13 and results in better performance, reliability and accuracy in the Linux Desktop search. It also brings greater stability, lower resource usage and less data storage. It is included as a new component and not as a replacement of the previous Semantic search to maintain compatibility. Many of the KDE applications like the Kontact Suite, Dolphin, Gwenview and the Plasma Desktop have already started using the enhanced Semantic Search. Others are being ported.

Other improvements include:

  • Interface enhancements and feature improvements in Okular and Kate.
  • Artikulate, a new¬† application for foreign speech training.
  • Marble (the desktop globe) gets support for Sun, Moon, planets, bicycle routing and nautical miles.
  • Jigsaw puzzle application Palapeli gets more capabilities.
  • KMail introduces storage service support which includes Dropbox, Box, KolabServer, YouSendIt, UbuntuOne, Hubic and a generic WebDav option.
  • KNotes can now generate alarms and introduces search capabilities.
  • Many improvements to the data cache layer in Kontact, speeding up almost all operations.
  • Sieve Filters, a technology to let KMail handle filters on the server, can now handle vacation support for multiple servers.
  • Other minor changes in quick filter bar, composer, PIM data storage, improve support for the PostgreSQL database.

Read the full list of new features and enhancements here.

While distros are packaging KDE Applications for their users, Arch users can install it by adding testing repository.