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Google adds more Android features to Chrome OS

Chrome OS is on fire. Google, tirelessly, continues to add new features to it, based on user-feed back. It’s quite contrary to Microsoft or Apple’s approach where user feedback doesn’t matter much (just consider how responsive Microsoft was to user demand to bring back start button and how Mac’s Finder is broken).

So Google is bringing back one of the most demanded features of Chromebooks – minimize button (something Gnome was also not willing to make compromises on). Dharani Govindan of Google said, “We updated the window controls based on the feedback of our users – the minimize button is back and the left/right tiling of windows can be done via long-press on the maximize button.”

You can now put apps in folders.
You can now put apps in folders.

Chromebooks are also getting support for folders in launcher. What it means is that now, like Android, you can create folders and manage your apps in a much organized manner. Google has also implemented the “OK Google” search feature with the launcher and the voice search can be triggered with hotword “Ok Google”. Google has also implemented support for ‘Captive Portal’ which makes it easier for users when they try to connect to the wireless of cafes, hotels, airports, and other locations which requires them to go to an authentication page.

All these features are added to the ‘Beta Channel’ of Chrome OS. You can easily switch to dev or beta channel to get early access to new features.

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