WebOS team open sourced its user interface redesign so it lives on

It is a known fact that Palm’s mobile operating system dubbed webOS never really took off commercially. However, that is no indication that the team behind the OS did not have great ideas. In the latest, the team is rolling out its interesting (read: exciting) user interface ideas to the community. Known as Mochi, the project aims at the community to further work on it as the team was working on some intriguing ideas before HP decided to stall its plan for the same.

According to The Verge, the team was among the first to introduce a cleaner, flat user interface (way before Apple or Google) and also had a feature that “expanded cards so that you could swap in multiple panes at once for multitasking.”

The community now has access to full code and concepts that the team worked on through an open source framework. The fact that the team also made its planning documentation public could mean that developers out there could build a working product soon.

There is also a possibility that some may use its unique design elements such as buttons, sliders and menus for entirely different projects. For those wanting to have a look at Mochi can visit the new Wiki page and the documentation full of assets that was developed by the team for creating the updated operating system. The documentation includes working samples as well.

While all the developments take place, the webOS team will be working on the operating system to bring it to LG’s all new smart TVs.

Source: The Verge

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