Google wants to trademark ‘Glass’ but bid stalled

Google is trying hard to register ‘Glass’ as a trademark for its wearable computer glasses. However, the search giant hasn’t been able to get through its bid with the US trademark office.

Google had earlier trademarked the term ‘Google Glass’ but then last year it submitted another application for getting a trademark on the single word, Glass. It is shown with a futuristic font that is being used across its marketing campaign. Reportedly, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is holding up the company’s bid.

In a written letter, a trademark examiner had raised two core objections to the bid. First, the trademark being too similar to other existing or pending computer software trademarks that have the word “glass,” leading to confusion for customers. Secondly, he noted that Glass, even with the unique formatting is ‘merely descriptive’. The reason this is a big issue is because generic terms are not trademark protected under federal law.

Commenting on the same, Law Blog, a Google spokesman said, “Google, like many businesses, takes routine steps to protect and register its trademarks.” So far the company has sold only a few of the wearable computer devices. The retail sale date hasn’t been announced yet.

Anne Peck and Katie Krajeck, the two trademark attorneys for Google from Cooley LLP replied to the note sent by the examiner through a 1,928-page letter in defense of the application two weeks ago. They tried to reason out that Google’s proposed trademark would confuse consumers, now that the Glass device has garnered widespread attention in media the last couple of years.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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