Google gets patent on fighting ‘pirated’ apps on Google Play

Google is trying to keep Google Play clean and safe. With every popular app, comes great number of clones on Play Store. Even though Google removes them, it’s difficult to weed off every last one of them. The new patent, if implemented successfully, will try to help Google keep duplicate apps out the Play Store.

According to the patent, the method invented by Google will try to compare code of each apps and check for duplicates. The details are quite complicated, and it is obviously not an easy task Google is working on. To explain things in simple terms, each app will receive a “similarity rating” compared to other “authorized” apps. If an app’s similarity rating comes very close to another app, it will be flagged and if found guilty, removed from Play.

Many apps make use of open source codes that are freely available. Google also has a work around to make sure apps using open source codes are not removed from Google PLay just because the codes are similar. Open source code matches won’t be filtered to prevent false positive results.

The patent application was filed in June 2013 and has been awarded to Google Inc now. For people curious about knowing the contents of the patent can get a look here.

Source: Google Patent

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