Open Build Service 2.5, taking care of your packaging needs

SUSE’s Open Build Service is one of the most used services within the Free Software community. The project has announced the release of version 2.5 developers can can “plug OBS into your continuous integration/delivery chain thanks to the new token API that let’s you trigger builds from revision control systems like github.”

Thanks to Google Summer of Code OBS 2.5 now comes with ‘comments and discussions’. OBS team says, “We wanted to make it possible for our users to discuss things without ever leaving the OBS interface. The comment feature, the stalled development of the current notification solution and the WebUI+API merge, also lead to a brand-new integrated notification system.”

With this new version OBS has also addressed one of the long time complaints about discoverability. Though the search was there it was a bit tricky to find packages giver over 20000 packages being built on its reference server. To get the right package when searched, “Ancor, from openSUSE, integrated the sphinx search engine into the OBS, so the name, title and description of packages and projects can be combined with other attributes like the number of links/branches or activity over time, into one big index that allows page ranking. This makes it possible for us to tweak the settings so you find the package you’re really looking for.”

The reference server is available for all open source developers to build packages for the most popular distributions including openSUSE, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise. You can also download all the OBS components (Clients, API, Server, Worker) to setup your own Open Build Service instance.

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