Google gives a sneak peak at Project Ara development

Project Ara (Phonebloks) and modular pieces of tech in general are gaining steam. So far, we’ve known that we will be able to swap specified parts of our smartphones, which will result in longer lives for our phones and less waste as a result of our tech lusts. Today, Google revealed some of the work that was going on behind the scenes with their ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) group. The Ara team members (read ‘nerds’) took the time out to demonstrate the sliding ‘blocks’ of their prototype or very early build of the devices, and they have not deviated a whole lot from the initial drafts, but there were significant bits of information included.

Firstly, the team has decided upon an electro-permanent magnetic system to hold the blocks in place, as opposed to clips or grooves of some sort. The product of this ingenuity features an easy to slide part that won’t give you any trouble to remove or insert if needed. Best of all, if your battery dies, your processor or memory should not fall out of your phone because of the power loss — thank you Google ATAP. This is very important for widespread adoption and gaining the trust of the public.

The ATAP group confessed that they have fallen in love with the somewhat rugged and practical aesthetics of their modular designs, and have decided that it should not be covered, but rather revealed for consumers and onlookers to gaze upon. The icing on the cake lies in the use of 3D printing from a company called 3D Systems. Yes, they’re working on printing the parts of your modular phone in the colour and texture that you desire. Can you imagine printing the parts for your own phone one day?

The most important thing to note is that Project Ara is very real, and several companies, teams and geniuses are working together to bring this phone to us in a beautiful package. With the Project Ara Developer Conference set for this month, we are going to see and or hear a lot more about this phone(s) and what the package should entail. It’s amazing to think about all the technological advancements that Google is invovled in — pretty soon, they might say that they can provide internet access from the sky using balloons, or that they have cars that drive themselves. Oh Google, you’re so crazy. 

Image Source: Wonderfulengineering

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