Windows XP died today.

Indian state drops Windows, switches to Linux

We all know that Microsoft is dropping support for Windows XP very soon, and, well, no one is very happy about it. In fact, it turns out, that a lot of people are switching platforms so they can avoid upgrading to Windows 8. That other platform is Linux.

It turns out that parts of India are following suit. They have fully abandoned Windows. Tamil Nadu has issued “a directive to local government departments asking them to switch over to open source software, in the wake of Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP this month, reports ITWire.

Their reasoning is said to be that the hardware updates required to run Windows 8 would be too expensive to take place on a large scale. Of course, Microsoft had been expecting this recently, and have been working on an upgrade that would reduce the system requirements. Still, this doesn’t make up for all of the trouble caused by the change of the interface.

So, in replacement of Windows XP, the local governmental agencies are upgrading to “BOSS” a custom Linux distro that the government designed themselves. However, this is not a totally new phenomena. It turns out that Russia, in 2007, announced that all of it’s school computers were to run on linux. This is a growing trend as the requirements and interface continue to go downhill in Windows 8.

A full list of “Linux Adopters”, can be found here.

One of the most popular distros that has been used in education is Canonical’s branch distro edubuntu. This is used at schools in Macedonia, The Philippines, and Germany.

However, no matter the distro, it seems that, across the globe, Linux is benefiting from Microsoft’s mistakes. With many countries switching over already, maybe we could be next.

About Brooks Rady

I'm 13 year old dirty blond poet and writer with a love for science and math. My favorite programming languages are: C++, Python, and Haskell. As far as operating systems go, I am a hardcore Arch Linux user, however Ubuntu is always on my computer as well. In the future I aim to eventually code my own opensource OS. In the end, if it's open, I'm in.

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