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Linux community wants Witcher 3

Gaming on Linux is picking up and so is the demand for more and more games to be available on the platform. Witcher 3 users now want the game to be made available on Linux at the same time when it hits other operating systems. Linux users are requesting CD Project Red to consider Linux as a standard platform for the Witcher 3 along with their other games in development.

A user named shmerl wrote on the forum:

With Linux support coming to GOG in the future, it’s good to gather some feedback and show CD Projekt Red (who are GOG’s sister company) whether their users want their games to be released for Linux. This is primarily about future titles (such as Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077) since that’s what CD Projekt Red are working now at present. But if you want to mention interest in the past titles (Witcher 1 and 2), feel free to comment as well, but don’t expect that to be an an easily accepted request, since working on past titles is a less probable event naturally.

If you wonder what’s the point of asking this here, GOG has many Linux users, so it’s easier to gather feedback here, rather than let’s say on CD Projekt Red forums.

GOG excited the Linux gamers by announcing that they will port, support and maintain many of the older games for Linux. GOG probably made this decision based on the demand from the Linux community. GOG, like many other players saw huge potential of expanding their market and announced the availability of Witcher 2 on Linux.

CD Projeckt Red is a Polish developer behind the hit series The Witcher based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s books. The first game was released back in 2007 and has since spawned a sequel and console versions too. Currently they are working the new entry The Witcher 3 and new IP Cyberpunk 2077 both of which are slated for a PC and console launch.

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Source: GOG Forums

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