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Ubuntu 14.04 gets new lock screen and borderless windows

Canonical is making it really hard not to like Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Last week, I discussed about the improvements and new features which has landed in Ubuntu 14.04. Since then, two new features have been added. Both of them have been previewed in earlier development cycles but never made it to a release build, until now.

Now Canonical is introducing brand new lock screen in Ubuntu 14.04, which is simply gorgeous. We have seen glimpses of this lock screen in the past. The proposal for this change was given way back in 2011.The bug report can be found here.  The new lock screen is handled by LightDM and so it resembles the login screen. Unlike the previous lock screen, it now integrates well with the rest of the OS.  Some of the system indicators such as sound, calendar (no meetings requests are displayed), user switching menu and language indicator are accessible while the screen is locked. Locking the screen does not stop music or video playback.

Another notable is borderless application windows. Borderless application windows were proposed during 11.04 development cycle. Due to certain limitations and issues with Unity 2D, the plan to implement this feature was dropped. With the new CSS themeing capabilities and anti aliasing features that were recently added in Ubuntu 14.04, this feature can now be rolled out without issues.


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Although, this change may not be noticeable in all apps, as the borders were only 1 px thick, it does give a different look for certain applications like the gnome-terminal. Overall, it improves the look of the open apps.

Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant working at Srinsoft Technologies, Chennai. He has over six years of work experience with more than four years as a Linux System Administrator. He is a Linux enthusiast and a blogger. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu Manual.


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