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Stephen Colbert spoke at the boycotted RSA conference, poked fun at security

“Let me begin by saying, 0110100001101001, and I mean that”, that’s how comedian Stephen Colbert opened his speech at the controversial RSA conference. The critics of the conference had asked him to not attend the event, but he has his own reasons to be there. He said, “I looked at the signatures on the online petition, then I looked at the signature — my signature — on the bottom of the contract saying I’d be here today, and my conscience was clear, as long as the check clears.”

He didn’t stop there and took at shot at Mt. Cox, “Well, it’s not actually a check. They gave me a Bitcoin voucher for Mt. Gox. And I’m sure it’s going to be fine.”

Poking fun at the current affairs of security of RSA itself, Colbert used the platform to offer his own security solution, dubbed “Cloud Fog,” touted as “part cloud, part fog, all security.” For the uninitiated, no, a “polyhedral extruded polymer” is not an effective measure of privacy control.

Michael T. DeGuzis

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