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Sony to bring widget functionality to Firefox OS

Sony recently submitted an enhancement which allows widget like functionality on Firefox OS. Dubbed gadget, it is supposed to allow easy interaction with applications from homescreen and lockscreen. Currently the implementation is being reviewed on bugzilla by the Mozilla team.

The gadget functionality is addition to Gaia, Firefox OS’ user interface level. It is akin to Android’s framework. The name ‘gadget’ was chosen by Sony to disambiguate from other smart phone widgets, especially the ‘widgets’ application packaging format standard proposal. Three enhancements are currently submitted by the Sony team on bugzilla. One enhancement provides the gadget framework. The other two provide hooks in homescreen and lockscreen for the gadget framework.

The gadget framework makes it possible to add a view of an app similar to Android. They can be accessed via homescreen, lockscreen or utility tray .You will be able to interact with the app through the gadget. Gadgets can be added, moved, resized and removed easily.

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However, Sony has made it clear that they are not committed to continued work on Firefox OS. In fact the gadget proposal is just an ‘early review of a technical platform’.

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