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openSUSE gears up for Google Summer of Code 2014

As the search giant celebrates its 10th anniversary of Google Summer of Code (commonly called as GSoC), openSUSE has announced that it’s part of yet another awesome program. Google Summer of Code is a global program that pays students stipends to write code for open source projects.

Since its inception in 2005, the program is said to have brought together over 7,500 student participants from 97 countries and over 7,000 mentors from over 100 countries worldwide to produce over 50 million lines of code. Google has worked with the open source community to identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer too.

For this year’s Google Summer of Code program, the company said it selected 190 open source projects after reviewing 371 applications.

“It is one of the best ways for organizations such as openSUSE to get some quality work done, and gain long term contributors. In the last edition, we had 10 students complete their projects and gain recognition within the community,” openSUSE said.

This year, openSUSE is collaborating with ownCloud, Zorp(a Gateway technology by Balabit) and the MATE desktop along with a load of awesome projects from openSUSE itself.

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

If you are a student and want to have fun while participating under openSUSE, check out their ideas page and guidelines. Starting from March 10, student application period continues till March 21, 2014.


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