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New update to Assassin’s Creed Pirates adds 5 hour’s content


If you are a privateering fan or an Assassin’s Creed fan, then this will be news that just might make your day. Ubisoft recently released a new update for their pirate themed mobile game Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Though calling it just an update will be undermining its value, it is more like a mini DLC for the mobile users and it is available to all owners of the game for free.

The new update adds a boat load of content (pun unintended) to the base game. In fact this update gives gamers an additional five hours of gameplay content, quite a huge addition given that the game is on the mobile platforms. The new contents include:

  • New map area
  • 3 new secondary missions
  • New treasures
  • New diaries
  • New mission type; Survival Missions
  • 2 new ships for Survival Missions
  • Face-off against historical ships

The new survival missions have the players survive at sea, by fishing and hunting for whales for food. The new mission and the secondary mission alone gives a DLC like feel to the update and the fact that they released it as an update is just icing on top.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates was released in December last year as a companion game for Assassin’s Creed IV for the iOS and Android. Like its name, it allows players to experience the life of a pirate, while on the go. But unlike the main game where you have to relive the memories of your ancestors, here you are tasked with making a reputation as a pirate. You get to control your ships in first person, using touch controls like swiping to avoid obstacles. There are also mini games that need to be played when you get cargos and crews to win supplies and eventually upgrade your ships. Oh and you can even fish!

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Source: Android Spin

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