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Latest Portal 2 update makes it SELinux friendly

Ever since Valve’s announcement of the Source Engine’s Linux support back in 2012 with Team Fortress 2, gamers on the Linux platform all around the world have been asking for an ETA on a Linux version of Portal 2. Valve obliged the requests of the gamers last month by releasing a Linux port of Portal 2. The initial release of the game was plagued by an issue, wherein the game would cause a segmentation issue with Linux distributions that had SELinux enabled. But Valve has come up with a solution in the form of a fix that fixes the issue and makes the game playable on SELinux enabled platforms.

The issue was related to the middle-ware used by Portal 2 that would cause a segmentation fault to be thrown up when users tried to run Portal 2 on Linux distributions with SELinux enabled. The issue stemmed from some of the MP3 codes that were used by Valve in Portal 2 that posed as interference to SELinux and would result in the segmentation issue. One of the initial recommendations by Valve prior to this fix was to simply disable the SELinux. This could be a bit cumbersome for users of RHEL/Fedora-derived operating systems where Security Enhanced Linux is shipped and enabled by default. The latest update to Portal 2 includes this fix which solves this problem and makes Portal 2’s codes SELinux friendly and prevents the error from popping up. This update also takes care of the workaround wherein execution permissions were need for /tmp.

Security Enhanced Linux is a kernel security module that can be added to various Linux distributions, through which security policies can be enforced.

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Source: Phoronix

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