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KDE Frameworks 2 Alpha 2 released

The second alpha of the KDE Frameworks 5 has been released. The first alpha of frameworks  was released a fortnight back .

This alpha marks the end of kprintutils library. Also kwallet-framework has been renamed to kwallet. A number of other frameworks have been added. Efforts were directed for frameworks to work on Wayland on Linux and Mac OS X.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Frameworks 5 is meant for developers only. They are libraries which are used by KDE Applications. It should not be used on production environments. For the brave few ,Kubuntu based neon 5 ISO are available for download. It is meant to bring the latest of Frameworks 5 and Plasma Workspaces 2.

If things progress on time ,we might get beta in first week april. The final version is scheduled to arrive in June.

Source: KDE News

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