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Humble Mobile Bundle 4 is now live!

The Humble Mobile Bundle is back and with it six awesome Android games. These games make the list of best games of 2013. Like every time, this humble bundle will stay on sale for 2 weeks only, so just literally pay a couple of bucks and get them.

First up is CATAN, which is a strategy game and you can choose to control one of the various catanian characters who will fight for the largest land and army. There are two versions of Catan available one is a standard resolution and one os HD, for devices with high definition displays. Keep in mind the bundle contains only the base game and no expansions.

If strategy came is not your cup of tea, there is parkour inspired ‘Vector’ for you. It is arcade style game where you are a free runner with exceptional parkour skills in totalitarian world and you are being chased by “Big brother.” Now, freedom is in your own hand (and legs, or whatever you can use for your stunts).

Riptide GP2 is one of the best games out there, hop on a hydro jet and you will stay engaged with great graphics and intense online multiplayer races. You upgrade your hydro jets and riders, there is an all new career mode and new stunt system.

Zombie Gunship put you in the gunner seat of a AC-130 ground attack aircraft. From there you just shoot shoot and shoot at zombies that crawl on the ground below you.

Pay more than average and you get the next two games:

Badland is side scrolling action adventure game with artistic environments. You will be controlling one of the forest dwellers to go on your journey . It is an award winning game and this is the premium edition with all in app purchases unlocked.

Breach and Clear is a tactical strategy game, which will allow you to build you own Spec Ops team. Choose from real world squad like US Army Rangers, US Navy Seals, Canada’s JTF2 etc. Humble Bundle is offering the premium edition of Breach and Clear, so do not miss this

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Source: Humble Bundle

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