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Google wants to make Android the Windows of wearables

Google has plans to release an Android developer software development kit (SDK) in the next two weeks specifically designed for wearable devices. Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Apps and Chrome, shared at SXSW that the search giant will lay out a “vision for developers of how we see this market working” as part of the SDK.

The SDK will make it easier for developers and manufacturers to create smartwatches and other wearables that run on Android.

Pichai didn’t mention whether or not Google itself was working on any wearable devices. However, he noted that he thinks about wearables “at a platform level.”

“We want to develop a set of common protocols by which they can work together,” Pichai said, “they need a mesh layer and they need a data layer by which they can all come together.” So far, the world has mostly seen sub-par smartwatches running Android, but “when we say wearables,” Google is “thinking much more broadly” than just that, Pichai added.

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Rumors are rife that LG is working on a Google-branded smartwatch with the search giant planning to show off the watch’s operating system sometime in March and the big reveal (the device itself) at its I/O conference in June.


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