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Google Patents new ‘Blink’ input technology for wearables

An new patent submitted by Google to USPTO describes a smart contact lense, equipped with multiple sensors which could be used to provide inputs to wearable as well as non-wearable devices by just blinking.

Google unveiled Android Wear last week, which is a version on Android OS tailor made for wearable devices such as smart watches. Google is making use of Google Now’s prediction power and natural language processing to provide you with information on Android Wear devices at the right moments. This reduces the requirement to provide inputs to the device as information is made readily available. Also, very limited inputs could be provided using the tiny touch screen on wearables such as smart watches. However, effective input methods could increase usefulness of wearable devices. This technology could also open up new ways to interact with your non-wearable devices such as smartphones.

The contact lens is said to have sensors to measure, light, pressure, conductivity, temperature and electric field. By using multiple sensors blink detection could be made very accurate. There will be various algorithms and mathematical functions to distinguish between blink input and involuntary eye blinks. The lens will also be able to connect to a wireless network. To power the lens various methods could be used such as solar, thermal, or radio frequency power.

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The patent application was filed in Q3 2012 and there is no information if the technology will even see the light of the day anytime soon.

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