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FreeDesktop Summit to start next week

The second FreeDesktop Summit will start from 31st March when developers from GNOME, KDE, Unity and RazorQt meet again at the SUSE offices in Nuremberg, Germany.

The summit provides a platform for a joint technical meeting from developers working on ‘desktop infrastructure’ on the major Free Desktop projects. The five-day event is aimed at improving collaboration between the projects by discussing specifications and the sharing of platform-level components.

During the first FreeDesktop Summit, the developers agreed on how D-Bus will be implemented by applications across different desktops, talked about modifications to the trash specification to allow for an efficient means of determining the size of all items in the trash and defined a new file format to cache and index the contents of all .desktop files within a particular directory, KDE developer David Faure mentioned in a report on the first summit.

The in-development kernel D-Bus implementation was also presented at last year’s meeting. Representatives from the desktop environments made suggestions to improve the kernel API to facilitate implementation of libraries.

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This year’s event is also supported by SUSE, which is offering the venue, the hotels and some help with organization.

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