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Flappy Bird will be back with new improved version

Last month Dong Nguyen, developer of the highly addictive mobile game “Flappy Bird” pulled it out of app stores, to the disappointment of many fans. After killing flappy bird, Dong Nguyen had disappeared from twitter, but he returned this week to confirm that a new and ‘better’ version of flappy bird is in the works.

Nguyen also responded to several questions thrown at him by his followers. He has not given any definite timeline when the new version of Flappy Bird will be released. He said, “I don’t work by plan. I will release it when it is done.” During the tweet session, Dong said that he will include a “warning” to “please take a break” to caution the players addicted to the game.

The original “Flappy Bird” was launched in May 2013, but it rose to popularity in February this year and was reported to bring in around $50000 in ad revenue per day.

In a series of tweets Dong said that sudden popularity of the game had affected his humble life and he could not take it anymore and would remove the game from all the app stores. However, many refused to believe this as the actual reasons and many speculations had developed. Legal troubles and threats to his life were the rumours.

With this new move from Dong where he plans to bring back the game, it makes us think if all the drama that happened with taking the game down from apps stores was just a publicity stunt and the developer was creating a build up for the release of the new version of Flappy Bird.

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Source: Mashable

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