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What to expect in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Every two years a Long Term Support (LTS) release of Ubuntu is made available to the public. Every LTS is supported for 5 years by Canonical. This year is the year of LTS release and its just 1 month away. Canonical will be keen to keep up the stability of LTS release like it has done in the past. Lets have a quick look at what can we expect from this year’s LTS release.

Appearance and Theme Improvements: Anti Aliasing and Smaller launcher icons

The introduction of GTK3 CSS-themed window decorations for Unity 7 has brought  antialiased corners to all windows. This means that the generated images by compiz i.e. window corners will have a smoother image. Launcher icons can now be reduced to 16 px.


Refined spread mode

  • The newly-updated Unity 7.x retains only active icons in spread mode, keeping on the active icon in focus; for example, opening a folder with Nautilus and opening another folder with Nautilus, retains as active icon on the Unity launcher the Nautilus’ icon, while dimming out all icons on the Unity launcher except the Ubuntu logo.
  • When all windows are open in spread mode, you can type the name(window title) of the open window to pick the window of your choice


Smoother Window Resizing

Open Windows can be resized smoothly . A video has been added to demonstrate the change along with the locally integrated menus.

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Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant working at Srinsoft Technologies, Chennai. He has over six years of work experience with more than four years as a Linux System Administrator. He is a Linux enthusiast and a blogger. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu Manual.


  1. Still not much, but all of exciting.

  2. Some nice improvements, the integration of google calendar and the improvements in nautilus are very welcome for me. :)

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  5. last paragraph second to last line: *nvidia-prime :)

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