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Microsoft paying $100 for dumping Windows XP

Hey, are you still clinging to Windows XP? Well, Microsoft has dished out a $100 on-the-spot discount to make you switch on over to a new operating system.

As you know, Windows XP’s days are numbered with only about two weeks left before the software firm officially ceases support for the decade-plus old operating system. So after warnings and migration tools to make Windows XP users upgrade, Microsoft has now sweetened its ‘buy a new PC’ deal with a $100 discount off new Windows 8 PCs.

If it really sounds like a sweet deal to you, there are a few catches you should be aware of. Here are the details: If you own a PC running Windows XP and upgrade at the Microsoft Store, you get $100 off, 90 days of free support, and “free data transfer” from your XP machine to the new one. Still sounds good?

Well, the offer, as said by Microsoft, only applies to a few models (a full list of which is only available in-store) and these PCs are priced at $599 and up.

You could be disappointed if you thought about using the offer to buy cheap tablets like the ASUS Transformer Book T100. Also, the offer excludes Surface 2 “and some PCs”.

Finally, you can’t afford to wait for long as the deal is only valid through June 15th and extended support for XP ends on April 8th.

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And Microsoft, for obvious reasons, will never tell you this but here you can know why Linux could be an alternative to your ageing Windows XP


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