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Canonical prepping up to release the first stable Ubuntu Touch Qt 5.2.1-based images

It is a known fact that Canonical is prepping up to get the Ubuntu Touch Qt 5.2.1-based images off the ground. As expected, there were a number of roadblocks in getting it in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu Touch. Anyhow, it is noteworthy to add that the developers are working at an impressive speed in bringing the first promotable image for users.

Canonical’s Didier Roche says, “Multiple images have been issued since yesterday. However, an infra change and unavailable devices made that we didn’t get all test results (and the test results are delayed). As well, the live preview of running tests are under another url right now. This is getting fixed by the CI team (it seems to be a result of the system-image server path reshape).”

The developers have issued a host of fixes and added some impressive features in the new images built by the developers. Some of them may not even get a promotable status. Here are a few that Roche mentioned: got the unity8 locking screen/hud removal revert fix in, fixes for making packages available on powerpc, ppc64el and armel64, datetime changes inherited from the desktop, some changes to the icon theme (new icons for system settings).

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The mail also highlighted some of the critical issues that the team faced. Linux enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the QT 5.2.1-based images to reach the stable repository.

Kalpana Sharma

She has worked with some of the esteemed publications in India like Times Life- the Sunday supplement of India’s leading daily, Times of India and EFY- BenefIT magazine.