Google wants ‘Powered by Android’ message on all Android devices

Google is finally taking some steps to increase awareness around Android branding When you start your Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 you’ll be presented with a new message below the usual boot-up logo. It’s “powered by Android”.

And the reason is, those who use any one of Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony for them it is hard to believe that they are using the same technology which has its roots in Android. And that’s the thing google want to change. Google is requiring all Android manufacturers that include its services on a device to prominently display the same “powered by Android” stamp.

Many manufacturers have deviated from what Android should be, so the new requirement may simply be intended to ensure there’s no confusion among smartphone buyers. A new report from Recode claims that the company recently met with Google to begin working out an agreement that could see Samsung’s software move closer to Google’s vision of Android. A source told Recode that the Samsung–Google relationship has gone through “a huge change, a sea change in the last few weeks.”

On Sunday, the two companies announced a broad patent cross-licensing deal  that will see them share key intellectual property — another indication of an improved relationship. Though It’s unclear if this branding is part of the Google Play Services agreement that mandates default positioning and availability of Google Apps on these phones, or how long this mandate will remain in place, but this is something that will apply to all Android phones with access to the Google Play Store in the foreseeable future.

One thing we are sure that “powered by Android” logo on the Smartphone boot screen will put Android as a prominent brand in front of a millions of users in coming months.

The Verge

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