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Elon Musk adds a titanium fire protective shield to Tesla S models

Elon Musk and his company have been touting Tesla cars as the safest cars on road. However, they have been eating their words recently with a few of Tesla’s Model S vehicles catching fire following accidents. The company has now announced a fix for the cause. Musk spoke about an all new titanium shield and aluminium deflector plates that guard the underbody of the vehicle through a post on personal blogging site, Medium.

Reportedly, all cars that are produced after 6 March will have the new safety mechanism. Even the existing vehicles can get it added free of cost.

The possible reason that the cars caught fire on colliding was because the shield that protected the battery was also compromised when the vehicle struck metallic objects in the road running at high speed. Now, along with the “quarter inch of ballistic grade aluminum armor plate that protects the battery pack,” Tesla Model S will have an additional protective layer.


With this new security fix in place, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be shutting down its investigation into the Model S fires, said an AP report.

Musk claims that the company has tested the new system 152 times, hitting objects like a concrete block, a steel alternator, and even a three-tow hitch. He also added that the additional weight of the new system should not have any affect on the car’s longevity.

To validate his point, Musk also posted some GIFs showing these collisions shot using high-speed cameras. So even if you don’t press click, you will still be watching these videos- the magic of GIFs!

Source: The Verge

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