Move on Oculus Rift, True Player Gear is the new kid on the Block

A new player has just entered the Virtual Reality market named True Player Gear. True Player Gear is a tech startup based in Montreal Canada by five individuals. The five passionate gamers have been working on this technology for nine full years. So far they had kept the entire project hush-hush and under wraps. But with the news of a big sale to a corporation, they thought that it is high time that such a piece of hardware that is made by passionate gamers for passionate gamers is revealed to the world.

They had dropped just a tiny bit of hint about their existence back at the VR Mixer at Game Developer’s Conference. Now they have fully revealed their product to the world, complete with a Kickstarter Project too. They hope this to be a viable alternative to the currently available VR sets, but with much more flexibility than what is being offered by others. They are currently on the final stretch of developing a 5th Generation prototype of their VR technology dubbed the Totem that they are aiming to present on Kickstarter as a dev kit.

The Totem has some really good features going for it, like hardware acceleration where most VR processing is offloaded to hardware integrated on in the device. In addition, each of the lenses can be adjusted to vision correction so that people with spectacles don’t have to wear contact lenses nor have their spectacles squashed between their face and the VR headset. In addition, the Totem features an integrated camera that allows the user to interact with the real world without having to take off the VR headset. This feature also allows positional tracking without the need of a fixed camera staring at you. Along with this they also intend to bring in Augmented Reality, thus completing the entire immersion experience. The Totem also features expansion ports that allow users or developers to add more sensors to add to the already impressive feature set. The Totem is said to support Linux as mentioned in this Reddit comment, “We will support Linux of course, we are also fans of SteamOS and OpenVR!”


  • Screen – 1080p OLED
  • Field of view – 90 degrees
  • Connectivity – HDMI input, USB output (tracker)
  • Sensors – 2x cameras 1080p, 3 axis 1kHz gyro, 3 axis 4kHz accel, 3 axis magnetometer
  • Audio – 5.1 over stereo
  • Emulated controls – USB mouse, Playstation controller, Xbox controller
  • Non-game controls – Up, Down, Select/Real World
  • Supported engines – Unreal, Unity, Havok, CryEngine
  • Platforms – PC, Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox One & 360, Linux, SteamOS
  • Supported media – All 3D formats, SBS preferred
  • Size – 6.6″ x 4.4″ x 5.4″

Source: Reddit & True Player Gear

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