Fuse allows custom user 3D models to be exported into Steam games

Fuse, the character creation tool on Steam, now allows the user to import custom assets in to the editor to create custom 3D models ready to be exported into compatible games.

The latest addition to the character creation tool from Mixamo adds the supports for importing user generated content in to Fuse and use it to create accurate character models by the users. This allows people with an artistic streak to create custom clothing, body parts and even “texturing substances” to create that accurate 3D virtual representation of the person that you always wanted to create. After the creation, Fuse allows seamless uploading to Mixamo with just a click on the “Animate” button that allows the user then to Rig and Animate the custom model. After that is done, the model can be easily imported in to any of the supported Source Engine games that include Gary’s Mod and Source Filmmaker. The character creator is currently available on Steam for $100.

The user generated content, once ready can be imported by opening Fuse and then going to the File dropdown menu followed by the sub-menu import. Under Import, the type of file you would like to add to your Fuse database (Substance, Character, or Clothing) can be selected.

Allegorithmic Substance SBSAR files can be directly imported into the Fuse substance tray. This means that you can use any of Allegorithmic’s pre-made substance files from their website, or use Substance Designer to create completely custom substances for use within Fuse.

In addition, Character, Clothing and Hair can also be imported with various options included for each of them. Fuse also allows the user to edit the custom user database, where all the custom user imported resources are stored. This can be accessed by opening the File menu in Fuse and select Browse Imported Files. This will open the folder that holds your custom content.

Fuse is a data-driven 3D character creator. It was developed in collaboration between Mixamo and Vladlen Koltun’s research group at Stanford University, with Siddhartha Chaudhuri as chief architect and programmer. It integrates Allegorithmic’s Substance technology for a complete character modeling solution.

Source: Mixamo

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