Latest SteamOS update brings many fixes, improvements

A new update for the SteamOS has just been released. The update, dubbed the update 96, is now integrated in the alchemist repository. The content is the same as the alchemist_beta that was made available last Monday.

This new update brings a lot of fixes. One of the major changes is the inclusion of fully unattended installation. Thanks to this update, the SteamOS can now be installed without having to login multiple times in to Steam or the desktop and then having to run scripts manually to complete the install. All of that are now taken care of automatically thanks to the unattended installation.

Other changes include fixes for Gigabyte Brix systems that also offer better stability and performances along with the addition of the Bluetooth driver, which was previously missing for these systems. All firmware packages are now pre-installed so it makes life easier for a user. Another significant inclusion is the updated AMD graphics drivers, so people with AMD systems can utilize the features unlocked by the updated drivers.

This release also improved support for multiple languages, all these languages are now pre-installed thus enabling a localized SteamOS desktop environment. A critical bug has also been fixed that used to delete packages during updates. Along with these, other minor bugs have been fixed that improve the stability, performance and compatibility of this release of the SteamOS.

The updated installer ISO and ZIPs can be found here for download.

The full change log of update 96 follows:

  • Fixed performance and stability issues with wireless on the Gigabyte Brix systems
  • Added Bluetooth driver support for the Gigabyte Brix box.
  • upstream updates to tzdata
  • Added dynamic passthrough mode support in PulseAudio, you can now change in and out of passthrough mode using tools like XBMC while Steam is running
  • Fixed a critical APT bug resulting in packages sometimes being erroneously erased during updates (many thanks to Michael Vogt and Simon McVittie)
  • Added support for detecting hybrid configurations and using the driver corresponding to the primary VGA output by default
  • Fixed a bug where “Preparing hardware drivers…” would be erroneously printed during startup
  • Preinstalled all the languages that are supported by Steam client to enable a localized SteamOS desktop
  • Fixed lightdm so the desktop Region and Languages control panel can change the per-user language
  • Fixed “Metro: Last Light” on Intel graphics by backporting GLX support for ARB_create_context from newer X servers
  • Added Thai and CJK fonts
  • Fixed steamcompmgr to properly focus “CID the Dummy”
  • Updated AMD graphics driver to 1:14.1~beta1.3-1 from Debian jessie
  • Updated gnutls26, file, xserver-xorg-video-intel packages,udisks, python2.7 and iceweasel to incorporate upstream Debian fixes

Source: Steam Community

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