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Google Play Music now allows you to upload tracks directly through Chrome

For many out there, Google Play Music has been a reliable way of uploading and accessing collection anywhere anytime. However, the process of using the Music Manager app to transfer your songs into the cloud was a tiresome one. But the search giant has made it easy for you, kind-of. The new feature can be found in the ‘Labs‘ section of the music streaming service, allowing users to upload up to 20,000 tracks for free using a simple drag and drop method.

Additionally, the new feature allows you to choose a number of folders that the service will keep a tab on and grab music from whenever it detects new songs. The old Music Manager app could soon be termed obsolete as the web interface allows its users to download the entire music library directly.

Google has said that the new feature has been built using its new technology that now backs its new Chrome Apps platform. It enables building complex, standalone apps easily. There is also an all new Google Play Music mini-player app that can be found in the Chrome apps launcher, provided it’s enabled. It makes your experience pretty easy as all controls are right there and you no more have to keep going back to your full browser window.

Want to know how to upload music to Google Play Music via Chrome? Simple. Go to Google Music website, press the cog-shaped settings icon and choose ‘Labs’ from the menu. On top of the page will be an option named ‘Google Play Music for Chrome’ with the option of Enabled and Disables on its side. Press the circle next to Enabled and you will then be asked to install an app. Click Add to install it. You will then have to wade through the process of setting up music folders that Google Music can instantly upload in case it finds new items. You will then find a new Upload button in the toolbar of Google Music. Hitting this will open a new screen where you can drop files for instant uploading. You are set!

Source: The Verge

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