Early Ubuntu Touch images show dual SIM and conference call support

Canonical has announced the release of a set of Ubuntu Touch images. While they have yet not been promoted to stable, they bring along a host of new and interesting additions.

The developers have been working hard towards bringing the pace back but there are still some hiccups they are facing. Didier Roche, Ubuntu developer told Softpedia, “Some courageous people worked bravely over the week-end to get it back into shape, but only non click app were then passing tests. Thus, we don’t have any full test results on the recent images and backup on running all the tests ourselves (we are still at 100% test passing from a local run).”

Coming to the most interesting changes that have been added, there are a few desktop bug fixes, backend support for conference call, with dual SIM support (the initial phase), greeter splitting with regard to ringtone and text messages (initial work), flaky autopilot test on messaging-app fix. Other noteworthy improvements ares 80% faster click application startup in upstart-app-launch by moving to libclick, python transition work, multiple gallery-app bug fixes, and much more.

You could call this a peek view into the features that will come along with Ubuntu Touch as many more are in the process that also includes awesome visual updates for Unity8 and Scopes.

Source: Softpedia

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