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Oculus purchase was a 1st April joke: Facebook

Facebook has revealed that their Oculus purchase was a 1st April joke which went public before time. Facebook was trying to out-do Google which is known for such elaborated jokes. Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook Blog: “We are a social networking company and not a hardware company. A gaming console makes as much sense to us as a bicycle to a fish. Our vision is to get rid of a social evil called privacy where people still think there are things which should remain private. The less you hide the less you will have to hide has been our vision and Oculus just doesn’t fit in that grand vision.”

The Oculus purchase met with a very strong reaction from its backers on the Kickstarter as well as from the general geek community.

Oculus Rift creator posted on his blog: “We apologize for this untimely joke, but there is no way we get acquired by a social networking company. We have a grand vision for gaming and virtual reality where Facebook is all and all about selling space and then ads for that space, we just don’t fit there.”

Mark further wrote in his blog, “VR is at a very early stage at the moment and there is no guarantee that it will ever become successful, especially when you have to wear a huge goggle, like a facehugger on your face. We have already seen the failure of once-hyped 3D technology. All major TV companies have discontinued their 3D TVs. People just don’t want fake experience. We are not blind, we have huge data on what people want and what they don’t and average Facebook user is not yet ready for VR. I will be interested in VR when you don’t have to wear any heavy gear and that technology is still 10-20 years away. Facebook definitely doesn’t invest in science-fiction projects.”

The news has brought a sense of relief to the Oculus community.

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  1. I absolutely hate your website…articles like this make your legitimate news meaningless because people have to read your articles before they know if they are bullshit or not…who the hell wants to worry about having to figure out if something is bullshit or not…I’d rather ignore your website and/or bash it for the bullshit when it is mentioned to me…because you are doing nothing but ruining your reputation and if you want that I am happy to help ruin it with you.

    Make your own onion website if you want to but combining the onion-style with legitimate news is incredibly stupid.

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