Minecraft cancels Oculus Rift released due to Facebook purchase

In my coverage of Facebook buying Oculus Rift I said that when they bought Whatsapp a huge number of users migrated to much more open alternative Telegram and I was curious if we will see the same ‘Facebook’ effect on Oculus and that’s exactly what has happened. Minecraft has canceled their version for the virtual reality device as soon as they got the news of this acquisition.

Markus Persson aka notch of Minecraft tweeted, “We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out.”

It quite unclear why Facebook has bought a gaming hardware whereas gaming on Facebook has nose-dived at the same time unlike Google Facebook doesn’t really have any plan for post-social networking age and ‘random’ purchases like Oculus doesn’t really tell much what Facebook really wants to do more than showing inverters that they are investing in ‘potential’ technologies.

Since we still don’t know what future holds for Facebook in the post-social network era – one thing is certain that the device which was going to change the dynamics of gaming will certainly go in other directions as well. We just don’t know what those directions will be.

As far as Minecraft is concerned, it will go inside the virtual reality world through other VR products like Project Morpheus of Sony.

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