What to expect from GNOME 3.12

After 6 months of hard work, GNOME 3.12 will be finally unleashed tomorrow. Here is a list of what to expect from the newer release.

Videos Replacing Totem

Totem will now be called Videos (or GNOME Videos). The project will still be called Totem but user viewable name will be Videos. This is akin to renaming of Epiphany to web in 3.4 release. The “discover” menu will receive an UI overhaul. Pocket videos, Guardian Videos and Freebox TV support is enabled via grillo plug-ins.

GNOME software

GNOME software received lot for bug fixes and new feature. Screenshot are available for popular applications. Depending on how an application is integrated with desktop, user rating will be auto-generated. Users can now control and delete software sources.

Facebook Integration in Photos

You can now view Facebook photos from the Photos app.

Pocket Integration

Pocket has now been integrated within GNOME. Pocket is available in GNOME accounts and it is integrated with Videos via grillo. The integration with Web is still in works.

Windows Live Integration

It will be possible to use Windows Live (hotmail/outlook/live) emails over IMAP and SMTP using OAuth2 tokens for authentication. Windows Live Accounts are now available in gnome online accounts (GOA). Evolution will pickup Windows Live Mail via GOA.

Web (Epiphany)

Web receives new history dialog, passwords dialog, cookies dialog, page title, address UI. Other Visual improvements will be noticed in oops screen, most visited page.


Gedit receives a massive UI overhaul in this version.

These are some of stuff you will get to see in GNOME 3.12. We will be back tomorrow with the official release announcement.

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