MintBox 2 mini-PC

MintBox 2 mini-PC now available in Europe

One of the much talked about mini PCs, the Linux Mint-powered MintBox 2 mini-PC has finally landed in Europe. The fanless, energy-efficient PC running the famous Ubuntu-based OS is manufactured b Compulab, which is an Israel-based computing company. The device can be bought from Amazon at €599 (Germany) and £499 (UK).

The second generation of the MintBox device was first unveiled in the summer of 2013. Coming to the specifications, the device has an Intel Core i5 dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. It was shortly made available in the US for $599.

It is noteworthy to add that Compulab offers 5 percent of the sale to the development of the Linux Mint project.

Here are the detailed specifications: Intel Core i5 dual-core CPU @ 1.8GHz; 4GB RAM; 500 GB HDD; Dual Ethernet ports, built in WiFi 802.11n; HDMI, DisplayPort, Digital Audio out; Aluminium case.

Here comes a spoiler of sorts! Clement Lefebvre, Mint project lead has said that the MintBox 2 is selling well on Amazon, such that, “There are only 4 units left in Germany, and they’re already gone in the UK. We’ll get in touch with CompuLab regarding a 3rd shipment.”

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