Video of Unity 8 showcasing Mir’s capabilities released

A video was released showcasing Unity 8’s capabilities with Mir’s Display compositor. The developer shows how applications and multi tasking might be handled on Unity 8 with Mir. Check out the video by Ubuntu developer Daniel d’Andrada

The demo showcases, Mir’s capabilities as display protocol. Qt Meta-Object Language (QML) applications are used in the demo. QML is mainly used for mobile applications where touch input, fluid animations and user experience are crucial. Qt scene graph renderer is used the display compositor for Mir in the demo.

Daniel explains how these elements interact, “This demo uses Mir to abstract away the underlying hardware specifics, set up the display and GL context for Qt to do the rendering. Mir delivers all input events to Qt’s event handling system, and manages client connections and surfaces. Those Mir surfaces are represented in the QML scene as a MirSurface item which can be manipulated by QML like any other native item: positioning, transformations and animations all just work. Qt decides the destination for input events does the right transformation and hands them back to Mir to deliver to the client.

Mir is capable of identifying and relaying user input across two applications simultaneously. However this feature is enabled by the developer just for this demo. On production builds unfocused applications will be suspended.