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Ubuntu tablets will be launched with Ubuntu phones: Shuttleworth

All those who have been eagerly waiting to lay their hands on Ubuntu tablets may not have to wait too long. Canonical founder, Mark Shuttleworth has said that Ubuntu tablets will arrive in the market ‘simultaneously’ with the first set of Ubuntu smartphones.

Ubuntu has been talking a lot about convergence and releasing both Ubuntu running tablets and smartphones simultaneously just strengthens their plot.

Shuttleworth further revealed that after talking to the mobile networks via the Carrier Advisory Group, Canonical took the unanimous decision to ‘push back’ its plan to bring the phone early on. Now it will be released alongside the tablet. The developers are working aggressively on the development of a tablet interface.

In fact if you see, the present Ubuntu 14.04 development cycle is focusing hard on getting the tablet spec up-to-spec for a v1.0 release this April. Additionally, the work on enhancing Mir display server to work in a convergence environment has also caught speed.

Shuttleworth told Steve Costello for MWL TV, “[Tablets] will arrive pretty much simultaneously with phones. Q3, middle of this year we’ll see both phones and tablets running Ubuntu on the market.”

Coming to the names that will be manufacturing them, one probable name could be Bq, which is also among the early names launching Ubuntu smartphones. Or it could be Canonical’s laptop parters like Lenovo or HP. Some rumours even suggest that System76 may be roped in for the same. Stay tuned to know more about it…


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