openSUSE 13.2 Milestone 0 released with default Btrfs and Wayland 1.4

Here’s some good news for openSUSE users. The first milestone of the upcoming version 13.2 is now available for download and testing. The final version is expected to be released in November this year, though there is no concrete development plan announced at the moment.

As you are aware, openSUSE releases a new version every eight months compared to the six month cycle of Ubuntu. However, they decided to move the release to November. That makes a lot of sense as it will give them enough time to polish the OS and iron out the wrinkles.

Michal Hrusecky wrote on the mailing list, “In the previous thread on $SUBJECT, Simon noted that going for a release in November seemed a far smarter compromise between the benefits of releasing and getting some improvements in our tool chain than skipping a release. Most of the team agreed on this right away and we’d like to go for that.”

Jos Poortvliet explains, “Our normal 8-month release cycle would warrant a release in July, but the openSUSE team has proposed to change the schedule due to the work they are doing on our tooling and infrastructure. In the discussions on our mailing list it became clear a November release has much support. This is now the tentative plan and we will decide the specific schedule as well as who’s gonna do what and where at the upcoming openSUSE Conference in Dubrovnik.”

That’s all about why and when it will be released, now the point is what’s new in there for 13.2? I would say a lot and that would make it one of the most awaited openSUSE releases ever.

Some of the most notable changes would be that Btrfs is the default filesystem, so ext4 can now safely retire as it did a great job of placeholder while the future of Linux filesystem was shaping up. It will also have as default the wicked network management tool and the dracut initrd replacement.

YaST’s Qt fron-end has been ported to Qt5 and it will sport a new look. openSUSE is always known for the best KDE software experience and 13.2 has KDE Frameworks 5 packages included, along with the latest Application and Platform releases in the 4.x series.

While Gnome 3.12 is showcasing Wayland in the login screen, openSUSE 13.2 M0 has packages for wayland 1.4, freetype 2.5.2 (changing font weights) and Mesa 10.1.

What does it all mean? It means I am going to try it out tonight, you can download the OS from here and help the team in finding and fixing the bugs.

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