Ubuntu Gnome gets LTS status

Ubuntu Gnome team was seeking LTS status so that they could offer a longer support to customer and their wish has been fulfilled.

Steve Langasek of Ubuntu Technical Board had raised his concerns when the proposal was made, “I am very concerned about this proposed support timeline. 2 years and 3 months means that the support period would end the same month that 16.04.1 is likely to be released. Given that our policy has been to not recommend (or advertise in the UI) LTS upgrades until the first point release, this effectively gives users zero margin between the dropping of security support for Ubuntu-GNOME 14.04, and the first upgrades to Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04.”

I would not be comfortable endorsing an LTS status for a release that is not going to provide a reasonable overlap between the LTS support periods. I think we should regard 3 years of support as the minimum for LTS status.”

The Ubuntu Gnome team expressed their commitment and eventually they were granted the LTS status.

However, Ubuntu Gnome is still not an official flavor or Ubuntu like Kubuntu but the LTS status will definitely help Ubuntu Gnome users deploy it knowing it will be supported for long term.

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