Linux support confirmed by GOG

After the recent teeny weeny mysterious bit of hint dropped by Good Old Games on Linux support, this news comes as no surprise, but the news is exciting for Linux gamers nonetheless. Linux is now going to be officially supported by GOG.com, the online digital distributor that specializes in selling DRM free games and classics of yore.

The announcement came in the form of a blog post by GOG.com’s personal blog: “We just wanted to announce that, after much deliberation, we’ve decided that one of the next steps for us is to support Linux.” According to the post, they are in the early stages of getting GOG ready for Linux and as such they won’t be releasing their Linux catalog just yet, but will do over the coming fall.

In addition, they also mention that they will be launching full Linux support for Ubuntu and Mint to begin with. Currently they are getting their support staff getting Linux ready and testing the potential games for a Linux release. Although nothing has been confirmed officially, they have mentioned that about a 100 games are going to be available and Linux ready for purchase when GOG Linux support fully launches this fall. Games that are already present on their catalog and have working Linux clients will be included. They also promised to bring a variety of classic games to Linux which will be officially supported and maintained by GOG itself without having any third party involvement.

GOG is one of the most sought after digital distribution where, in addition to the games being DRM free is a place where old classic games can be found, which can’t be found anywhere else. In addition each and every one of the games sold on GOG comes with its own set of extras and goodies and not to mention the soundtrack at no extra cost! So GOG finally coming to Linux is going to be a huge boost for Linux gamers.

Source: GOG Blog

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