MantaMod version 1.3 adds 3D support for Android games

3D TVs are gradually creeping in our living rooms, with many options available to the consumers from different TV manufacturers. So apart from the Nintendo 3DS, which is the cheapest way to experience 3D, now Android users have a chance to enjoy 3D too without the need to modify the APK files and all the tinkering. This can be done thanks to a driver called MantMod. The latest iteration, version 1.3 of the driver, now comes with support for displaying games in 3D on full stereoscopic 3D.

The MantaMod driver is a driver that gives the user the ability to seamlessly mod supported games without the need to modify the APK file. This is made possible because the driver works directly at the OpenGL ES stream. In simple terms, the driver works by intercepting the modifications at the graphics level and loading custom textures or shaders before they are drawn on screen, dynamically and during runtime. Thus with this driver, owners of devices like the Ouya, Nvidia Shield or tablets and with access to a 3D TV can easily play games like Angry Birds and Dead Trigger in stereoscopic 3D without any tinkering.

In addition to enabling 3D for the games, the driver also supports other modification support of the games. The driver supports the enabling of a Free-Camera view perspective independent of the player view along with allowing the user to swap the in-game textures with custom textures. More can be found out about this new modding tool for the Android games over at the project’s official github page. MantaMod is free to install and use.

Source: Reddit

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