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Google Announcing exciting new Additions to Play Games Services at GDC ’14

One of the most venerable achievements of smartphones is making more than 75% smartphone users into gamers. Perhaps keeping this stat in mind, Google has decided to focus on Google Play in their announcements this year. First and foremost is their announcement of the cross platform support for Google Play games, followed by the introduction of tools that will allow users to gift in game items to friends. Rounding up is the integration of the Google Analytics available directly to the Ad Mob interface.

Google Play Game services are available for both Android and Apple’s iOS. Now Google has decided to bring their cross platform service even closer by allowing cross platform multiplayer support for games of both platforms in the form of both turn based and real-time. To further strengthen the cross platform support Google also announced that they will be updating the Play Games Unity Plug In to support cross-platform multiplayer services, and introducing an early Play Games C++ SDK to support achievements and leaderboards, thus further helping with the cross platform development. Along with this, Google is also launching the enhanced Play Games statistics that will allow developers advanced games statistics overview.

In addition to the above announcement, Google also announced that they will be introducing game gifts in their games, through which users can gift virtual in-game items to their friends to encourage them to join them. Also, this service will extend to inviting players for multiplayer invites directly too. For some reason, this particular announcement reminded me of Farmville on Facebook and the tons of invites notifications to games, about whom I couldn’t care less, in my notification tab. Let’s just hope Google somehow integrates something to prevent the annoyance that comes with this kind of invites.

Rounding off the announcements was Google’s final announcement of integrating Google Analytics directly into the Ad Mob interface, thus allow developers to have a deeper insight into how the users are interacting with their apps and thus take appropriate actions to improve the user’s immersiveness with the app.

Source: Phandroid

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