Google’s Chromecast Arriving In UK On 19 March

People in UK have good news coming their way. So far, those who wanted to lay their hands on Chromecast had to import one from the United States. But it won’t be necessary anymore. It has been reported in Android Police website that starting Wednesday, interested buyers can source it from a retailer.

Come 19 March and Google’s popular streaming dongle will hit shelves in the country. If not more, at least one retailer will have the dongle stocked. This was revealed through an email by Dixons that was circulated among all its branches. It talks about the Dos and Don’ts of the new product launched by Google.

While the note does not talk about the pricing of the device, it instructs employees to store the stock securely and also directs them to not start selling before 9am Wednesday. Additionally, it says that the product is protected under the Non Disclosure Agreement with Google.

This is the first time that Google will be making the device available outside of the US. Let’s see the response they are able to garner.

Source: Android Police

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