Second beta of KDE 4.13 Applications arrives, install it on openSUSE, Arch Linux

The KDE community has announced the second beta of KDE Application and Development Platform 4.13. As we reported earlier about the first beta, since API, dependency and feature freezes in place the focus is on polishing the code-base. I have been using KDE 4.13 software on my openSUSE box from the unstable repos. Though it’s not recommended, I haven’t seen any stability issues. Everything is working perfectly. openSUSE already holds the reputation of the best KDE software integration with the OS so this stability is not surprising.

Since now beta 2 is available via Factory repository, you can easily install it by adding the appropriate repos.

zypper ar -f http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Distro:/Factory/openSUSE_13.1/ KDE413
zypper ar -f http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Extra/openSUSE_13.1_KDE_Distro_Factory/ KDE413E
zypper dup --from KDE413
zypper dup --from KDE413E

If you have enabled any KDE specific repos, remove them before adding these two repos.

I have also updated my Arch system with KDE 4.13 software, if you are willing to test out it, add unstable repo to pacman.conf file. Open the file with this command:

nano /etc/pacman.conf

And add below lines in this order -[kde-unstable], [testing], [core], [extra], [community-testing], [community].

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Save and run:

pacman -Syu

You can follow the awesome Google+ KDE community.

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