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Mark Shuttleworth calls Ubuntu Touch apps better than Windows

During the keynote for the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Canonical founder, Mark Shuttleworth spoke extensively about the company’s convergence plans and how it will change the way people work on devices today.

Starting his presentation with an introduction to the fifth LTS release, 14.04 LTS, Shuttleworth proudly announced that statistics suggest that enterprises using Linux are fast moving towards Ubuntu and LTS releases. Moreover, some of the largest desktop deployments are also running on LTS releases.

Talking about his ambitious convergence plans, Shuttleworth said, “We have created a mission of convergence layered on top of all the goodness of Ubuntu. We have created something very special by creating it. In the last 2 years, we have created this convergence platform uniting all computing -phone, tablet, PC, TV. We have made tremendous progress in allowing people to hop on to any screen and start working.”

Shuttleworth claimed that Ubuntu will be able to provide a better experience than what Microsoft is trying, and better yet, it will be free. He added, “We are not alone in doing this. If you look at Windows 8 for example, there’s a lot of work happening on the proprietary side, to make convergence possible, but I think that what we’ve got is pretty special. These apps seem to me better than what I see happening on the Windows front and that’s something that we should be really proud of.”

Shuttleworth also displayed his Nexus 4 device running the new version of the kernel and said that “this phone is feeling super tight, super fantastic.” He recently went to South Africa and in the process of getting a local SIM, handed over his phone to a local dealer who easily paved through it and handed him the phone back saying ‘the SIM is working’. “While I know there is a lot of scope for improvement but seeing Ubuntu in the wild is important. A local man could easily work on it without knowing the difference and that’s an achievement for us.”

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